Interactive date filter

Date / time filter allows excluding files from being processed by a file action if their creation, modification or last access date matches the specified exclusion range. Filter is designed to exclude files both with fixed date and date relative to current, making advanced file management possible.

When using exclusion filter, user has to specify which kind of file date will be used for filtering. Available options are creation, modification and last access date. Thus, depending on user's actual needs, filter can be configured to prevent particular file action from processing files of different types: new or old, recently modified or long unchanged, recently used or long unused, etc.

Hint! The filter interface in this page is interactive. Try clicking checkboxes and radio buttons for visual demonstration of date / time filter range setting specifics. Note that the values of dates and number of days fields in this interface example are provided only for reference and cannot be changed.

Visual date filter

When choosing between particular dates and number of days, it is essential to keep in mind that latter is relative to current time while former specifies fixed date (e.g. while file creation date is always the same in terms of fixed date, the number of days since creation is relative to current date, thus in constant change).

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