Overview of Task Wizard

Task Wizard is the tool that leads user through Task creation process step-by-step. On each step user is either provided with essential information or asked to specify Task relevant parameters.

After a Welcome page, Task Wizard allows specifying Triggers, Actions and configuring Task associated email report settings. Task creation is concluded by giving the Task a name and, finally, the Finish page confirms Task creation and provides options to modify Task's advanced settings.

Task wizard

Task propertiesDescription
WelcomeProvides information about Task design elements.
TriggersAllows adding, editing and removing Task Triggers (automatic execution conditions).
ActionsAllows adding, editing and removing Task Actions (instructions to be performed upon Task execution).
Run AsAllows specifying which user account to use to run the Task when some user is logged in and which one when no user is logged in.
ReportsAllows configuring Task related email report options.
TaskAsks for Task name and allows modifying default description.
FinishInforms user on successful Task creation and provides access to Advanced options.
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