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A powerful and flexible file renaming is very essential for efficient data management. Automation Workshop features powerful Rename File (and Rename Folder) Actions that can handle most of file renaming operations. Rename File Action supports file masks, wildcards and variables whose values are taken from activating Triggers or preceding Actions by using Variable Wizard.

YouTube video · Advanced file renaming

If file masks are used as input (i.e., for specifying files to be renamed), they allow picking out files with specific name pattern to whom renaming procedure is applied.

Rename mask

When using file masks as rename output (i.e., to specify new file names), both ? (question marks) and * (asterisk) preserve the part of file name they designate without changes. Only variable values and fixed characters change parts of file name where they are applied.

Rename maskDetails
picture.* Source files:
  • image.jpg
  • animation.gif
  • picture.jpg
  • picture.jpg
*.???x Source files:
  • reports.doc
  • revenue.xls
  • reports.docx
  • revenue.xlsx
???-1234.txt Source files:
  • a.xls
  • data
  • a-1234.txt
  • dat-1234.txt
*eco Source files:
  • report.doc
  • automate.txt
  • reco
  • automateco
*. Source files:
  • image.jpg
  • my.report.txt
  • image
  • my.report
*.*.tmp Source files:
  • file.txt
  • file.txt.csv
  • file.txt.tmp
  • file.txt.csv.tmp
??.* Source files:
  • image.2021.jpg
  • file.txt
  • im.2021.jpg
  • fi.txt
p*.txt Source files:
  • file
  • backup.task
  • pile.txt
  • packup.txt

More wildcards

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