Error, warning and info events

Log manager provides comprehensive information on all user and Task execution events. Each successfully or erroneously performed operation is assigned a specific Event ID that allows identifying the particular event type. Event ID can further be used to track the problems within system or Task design, facilitate getting support and finding issue related information.

Error event

Error Events

An Error Event is the outcome of particular process that precludes successful termination of the Task.

Depending on number of Triggers and Actions, Error Event indicates that automatic execution of the Task is partially or fully defected and may require user intervention in order to locate the cause of malfunction.

Warning event

Warning Events

A Warning Event is the outcome of particular process that mostly is characterized by successful execution of Task's primary objectives.

However, Warning Event indicates that execution of some, less important, processes failed to comply successful termination criteria and user assistance in Task reviewing is recommended.

Information event

Information Events

A Information Event is successful outcome of Task execution characterized by nonoccurrence of any system errors.

As indicator of fully successful termination of the Task, Information Events are merely logged and provide information on operations of Automation Workshop, that do not require other user assistance than for reviewing and debugging purposes.

Automation Workshop Manager events are taking place either when user works with Task files (e.g. creating, editing, deleting Tasks) or in relation to connection between Automation Workshop manager and service.

Core Automation Workshop

Triggers are causing events when being initialized by service or triggered upon meeting specified conditions.

Actions are causing events when being executed either manually by user or automatically by preconfigured Trigger.


Compare events indicate that the Task has performed one or another branch of the workflow based on particular conditions. Flow events show how the sequence of Actions is managed by labels and Go to Actions.


Task events indicate that the Task has enabled or disabled itself or other Tasks. Task Actions allow automatic meta-management of automated Tasks.

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