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Speed units

Transfer speed unit conversion table provides a quick reference on data transfer speeds in units per second. When setting upload or download speed limits, user can specify it in KB/s, MB/s or GB/s.


Automation Workshop processes 2 MB/s or 2,048 KB/s or 2,097,152 bytes/s absolutely identically.

Size Bytes/s Kilobytes/s Megabytes/s Gigabytes/s
1 kilobyte (KB/s) 1,024 1 - -
1 megabyte (MB/s) 1,048,576 1,024 1 -
1 gigabyte (GB/s) 1,073,741,824 1,048,576 1,024 1

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More units

  • Size units · quick reference on various file size units.
  • Time units · quick reference on various time units.

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