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Choose the default button selected upon showing the question dialog window. The default button is also pressed automatically if automatic continuation is enabled. Each question dialog window button (namely, Yes, No and Cancel) can be assigned a function such as Continue Task, Continue with another Action, Stop Task or Stop Task with error.

Default button Choose which button is selected by default and also pressed automatically (if the continue automatically after [time] option is enabled).
Continue automatically after Set amount of time after which the default button of question dialog window will be pressed automatically.
On Yes button Assign function to the Yes button. The available options are:
  • Continue Task · Continues the Task with the next Action.
  • Continue with · Continues the Task with specified Action.
  • Stop Task · Stops the Task.
  • Stop with error · Stops the Task with error status. Action's On Error not active, while Task's On Error triggered.
On No button Assign function to the No button.
On Cancel button Assign function to the Cancel button.
Variable WizardVariable Wizard buttonUse dynamic data input—substitute a parameter from a file, web, connected Trigger, other Actions, date and time presets, etc.
Time unitsTime units selectionDefine and set a time frame in any given preferred format—be it milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, or days.

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