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Zip Files Action supports various file compression levels. While better compression produces smaller files, it also takes longer time to complete. Faster compression produces larger files (saving less space). Choose among available compression levels to tailor the Task to your particular needs, depending on whether they are more time or space oriented.

To keep your zip files safe from unauthorized access, Zip Files Action employs the strongest security measures. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is adopted by U.S. Government's National Institute of Standards (NIST). AES 128-bit and 256-bit keys are among the safest for encrypting sensitive data. AES 256-bit key is stronger, while compression with 128-bit key takes slightly less time.

For less sensitive data a legacy format of PKZIP can be used. PKZIP is more compatible with other compression software, but not up to modern standards of secure encryption.

Include subfolders Specifies that not only files in specified folder will be compressed, but also those located in its subfolders.
Compression level Compression levels are supported only by Zip and Gzip archive formats. Compression level can not be chosen for Bzip2 format, while the Tar format only stores files without compression. Choose among the various compression levels to give a preference either to speed of compression or size of the archive file:
  • Maximum · takes the most time to compress and results in the smallest possible archive file size.
  • Normal · takes reasonably long to produce reasonably small archives.
  • Fastest · the quickest method takes less time to compress files into the archive.
  • None (store) · just stores the files into archive without compressing it. Good for files that are already compressed (e.g., mp3, jpg, other archive files).
File encryption File encryption is supported only for Zip archive format. Choose the encryption method:
  • AES-256 · the most secure 256-bit encryption key.
  • AES-128 · very secure 128-bit encryption key.
  • PKZIP · insecure legacy standard supported by most programs that can read encrypted zip archive files.
  • None · the files are compressed without encryption.
Password Specify the archive password which will be required when extracting the compressed files. For sensitive data long passwords are recommended with special symbols used along the alphanumerical characters of both uppercase and lowercase.
Variable WizardVariable Wizard buttonUse dynamic data input—substitute a parameter from a file, web, connected Trigger, other Actions, date and time presets, etc.
Mask passwordMask password buttonTo maximize security, mask the password characters. While enabled, it is not possible to use the Variable Wizard.
This Action is enabledAn Action is executed only if it is enabled. Otherwise, it will be automatically skipped (completely ignored) from the Task flow.
Use custom display nameRename this Action, to make a human-readable workflow that will help you to find, read, and make sense of the Task structure later.
Advanced fallback optionsManage the advanced fallback options—select which error types will lead to automatic execution of predefined workaround operations.
Log only errorsDo not log information and warning messages for this Action. It may be useful to keep the log file small and tidy on production systems.

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