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Exclude tab allows exactly specifying files and folders for monitoring, by providing both include and exclude masks as well as attribute pattern.

Exclude mask Exclusion mask narrows the watch File & Folder Trigger activation range by overriding inclusion mask with user specified exceptions. Files and folders with names matching settings in exclusion mask will not activate the Trigger. By default no files are excluded.

Multiple exclusion masks must be separated by | vertical bar character · Learn file masks and wildcards.
Attributes Specifies that files and folders that have any of the attributes selected, will not activate File & Folder Trigger. File & Folder Watcher allows using Read-only, Archive, Hidden, System, Compressed, Encrypted, Not indexed and Offline attributes to configure attribute exclusion filter.


  • Exclude mask filter is applied to long file name, while both long and short file (8.3) names are present in file system.
  • Not every file attribute is present in every file system, such as FAT, FAT32, exFAT.

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