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When Action experiences an error, it can either stop the Task or continue with selected workaround procedures. The Task can retry or skip the Action, run another Task or report the issue to user or system administrator.

On errorDetails
Retry this Action n more time(s), and if still fails, then… Choose the number of times the Task will retry the Action before concluding that the process has failed.
Send email when this Action encounters an error Send a notification in email when the Action has failed.
From Choose the email address of sender that will send the error notification.
To Choose the email address of recipient that will receive the error notification. To set multiple recipients, use semicolon or comma-separated list:
  • one@example.com; more@example.net
  • John <john@example.com>, Jane <jane@example.com>

See a complete list of supported email syntax.
Run a Task Choose to run another automated Task when the Action fails. Action name and error status can be accessed using Variable Wizard Task parameters variables.

This Task waits until the fallback Task finishes before proceeding with the Continue with option.
Continue with Choose an Action within the same Task with which to continue when current Action has failed.
Stop Task Stops the Task with error.
Success. Do workaround procedures!


Some Automation Workshop Actions are created in such a way that by their very design they can't experience an error, or advanced fallback is not possible.

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