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Tools menu allows enabling / disabling Automation Workshop service, changing program options and getting more information on Task related processes in Queue manager, Log manager and Event details.

Tools menuDescription
Operations ManagerOpens Operations manager that features all essential automation data and links to software settings in one place.
Queue ManagerOpens Queue manager that shows queued Tasks that are waiting for execution along with currently running and recently finished Tasks.
Log ManagerOpens Log manager that shows completed operations, their status, as well as errors and warnings.
Task FinderOpens the Task finder which shows an overview of enabled and disabled Tasks, allowing to easily locate any Task by its Triggers, Actions or other features.
Event DetailsShows event details for item selected in Log pane.
ServiceQuickly access and manage Automation Workshop Service configuration options including stopping and starting Task triggering.
  • Stop Automatic Task Triggering - disables the Triggers for all Tasks, thus effectively making Automatic Workshop not to execute any Tasks automatically.
  • Service Options - provides quick access to Service options where user can start or stop the service and set its parameters.
Windows ToolsFeatures links to most essential Windows administration applications that are most commonly in close connection with advanced Automation Workshop usage practices.
  • Windows Services - starts, stops, and configures Windows services.
  • Event Viewer - view monitoring and troubleshooting messages from windows and other programs.
  • Task Manager - view details about programs and processes running on your computer.
  • Resource Monitor - monitor the usage and performance of the following resources in real time: CPU, Disk, Network and Memory.
  • Performance Monitor - diagnose performance issues and collect performance data.
  • System Properties - view basic information about your computer system settings.
  • Computer Management - manages disks and provides access to other tools to manage local and remote computers.
  • System Information - display detailed information about your computer.
  • About Windows - displays Windows version information.
Backup…Opens the Backup tab in Automation Workshop options that allows configuring regular automatic backups of Task files, Settings and Log files. The option of instant manual backup is also available.
Restore…Opens the online article on fully restoring Automation Workshop after an unexpected and even critical system failure. The restoration of Automation Workshop Task files, Settings and Log files is contingent upon a previously created manual or automatic backup.
Options…Opens Automation Workshop options.
Automation Workshop manager Tools menu

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