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Advanced tab of Run CMD Command Action allows to set %errorlevel% thresholds, and define command prompt window size and position on the screen relative to top left corner. Unless explicitly specified otherwise, the default window size and position will be applied when opening windows command prompt.

It is also possible to choose command prompt window startup state, namely, whether it will be maximized, minimized, full screen or hidden.

Treat exit codes greater than By default, the errorlevel value of successful CMD command execution is 0. When using Run CMD Command Action it may prove useful to treat errorlevel values greater than 0 (or any other specified value) as a possible or actual error by logging a warning or an error, respectively.
CMD window startup state Choose command prompt window startup state. Available options are:
  • Default · command prompt is opened the same way as it would be when running cmd.exe from Start menu.
  • Full screen · command prompt occupies all the available surface of a screen (as opposed to being shown in window).
  • Maximized · command prompt is maximized at launch.
  • Minimized · command prompt is minimized (displayed on the Taskbar).
  • Hidden · command prompt is shown neither on screen nor Taskbar and is accessible only from Task Manager.
Set window position Specify how far (in pixels) the CMD command prompt window will be placed from top and left side of the screen. Variable Wizard can be used instead of fixed values in order to set context-specific cmd.exe window position.
Set window size Specify the dimensions (in pixels) of the CMD command prompt window by providing either fixed values for cmd.exe window height and width or using Variable Wizard to set context-specific dynamic size.
Variable WizardVariable Wizard buttonUse dynamic data input—substitute a parameter from a file, web, connected Trigger, other Actions, date and time presets, etc.


  • On 64-bit Windows machines, the CMD window is not shown in full screen mode even if CMD window startup state option is set to Full screen. Instead, the CMD window will most likely be hidden. On 32-bit machines, since Windows 7, Full screen option only works with non-WDDM graphics card drivers.

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