File menu

File menu gives user access to most Task creation, control and review features. Properties submenu provides direct access to particular Task configuration tabs.

File menuDescription
New Task…Opens Task Wizard that guides user through Task creation process.
New FolderCreates new Task folder in Task folder tree. Folders are created as subfolders of selected folder.
Run TaskExecutes Task immediately without waiting for Trigger activation. Note that if an Action within a Task takes values from Trigger, executing Action by Run Task command will return these values as blank.
View Task LogShows all logged events associated with the selected Task.
Edit Task…Opens Task properties that contain all Task configuration options.
PropertiesAllows quickly enabling or disabling the Task as well as provides direct access to all configuration tabs of the Task.
Import…Allows importing Automation Workshop Task files from anywhere into the selected Task folder, thus facilitating deployment of Tasks created on other machines.
Export…Allows exporting one or multiple Tasks selected in Automation Workshop to specified folder on disk, thus facilitating the transfer of ready Tasks to another system.
ExitQuit Automation Workshop user interface. The Service still keeps running. Triggers monitor the system and Actions are performed when specified, i.e. all automated Tasks remain fully functional.
Automation Workshop manager File menu

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