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List remote files · Sort

The Sort tab of List Remote Files Action allows applying file sorting to create an ordered file list. The Action supports three sorting levels. The file list can be sorted by file name, extension, path, size, and file modification date. All sorting options work in both ascending and descending directions.

To fine-tune the list, the user can choose to skip a number of files from the beginning of the list. In combination with sorting options this can easily be transformed to not listing the specified number of smallest or biggest, newest or oldest files as well as just skip some files alphabetically. The user can also limit the list size to any number of entries.

Sort by Choose primary file sorting filter that will arrange the list according to specified method:
  • Filename
  • Filename (descending)
  • Extension
  • Extension (descending)
  • Path
  • Path (descending)
  • Size
  • Size (largest first)
  • Date modified
  • Date modified (newest first)
  • None (unsorted)
Then by Secondary file sorting filter that will be applied to sort files within boundaries set by primary method (e.g., if the first method sorts by file extension and secondary method sorts by size, then the output will be the list with files grouped by file type and ordered from smallest to largest).
And then by Third file sorting filter can be applied to create even more fine-grained file lists for situations where two levels are not enough.
Skip first files Exclude a number of files from the list. First, files are sorted, then a number of files are skipped.
Limit list A maximum number of files to include in the remote file list. First, files are sorted, then a number of files are skipped, and then a number of files are listed.
Variable WizardVariable WizardUse Variable Wizard for advanced data input, such as, taking parameter from file, associated Trigger or other Action, etc.

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