Help menu

Help menu features set of commands / web page shortcuts for accessing options like online help, support, feedback, ordering information and software updates.

Help menuDescription
Getting StartedAutomation Workshop basic concepts explained.
Online HelpOpens online help resource.
Online TutorialsOpens online tutorials resource.
Quick OverviewProvides quick access to essential online help sections such as Task Properties, Triggers, Actions, Variable Wizard and Notification area icon.
On the WebProvides links to most essential Automation Workshop pages on Febooti Software website.
Buy NowOpens Automation Workshop purchase page.
Enter Product Key…Thank you for purchasing Automation Workshop. Confirm your software license by entering the product key.
Ordering InformationOpens ordering information page.
Privacy PolicyPrivacy statement discloses the privacy practices for the Febooti Ltd.
Check for Updates…Checks for Automation Workshop updates.
About…Displays information about installed Automation Workshop software version.
Automation Workshop manager Help menu

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