Menu overview

Menu contains shortcuts to most of essential Automation Workshop features, including operations with Tasks and Task files, interface settings, options, online help sections as well as Queue manager, Log manager and Event manager.

FileProvides options for creating new tasks (Task Wizard) and task folders, running and editing existing Tasks. Import and Export features provide options for easy Task cloning, transfers and backup.
EditContains commands that allow to cut, copy, paste Task files within task folder structure as well as delete or rename Task files.
ViewProvides options for modifying appearance of toolbars and Task file icons.
ToolsAllows enabling / disabling Automation Workshop, opening Queue and Log managers, accessing Event Details and program Options. The Backup and Restore options provides direct access to automated enterprise-class backup solution for business process automation software Tasks, settings and log files.
HelpProvides shortcuts for online help, product purchasing and registration, updates, feature requests and feedback.
Automation Workshop manager menu

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