Status bar

Status bar displays whether Automation Workshop manager is connected to its service and if Task triggering is enabled.

Status barDescription
Task IconHover the mouse pointer over the Task icon to see the number of enabled, disabled and total Tasks.
Connected to ServiceIndicates whether Automation Workshop manager is connected to its service (functional core component of the software). Connection to service is necessary for data exchange between manager and service, such as Task update upload and various execution data download. If connection to service cannot be established, created Tasks and Task updates are not upload and executed as well as information and error messages caused by already running Tasks are not displayed to user.
Task triggering enabledIndicates whether automatic Task triggering is enabled. If Task triggering is disabled, Automation Workshop does not compare Task activation conditions specified in Triggers with system states, thus effectively disabling all automatic Task execution.
X running tasksShows how many Tasks are currently running. For more detailed overview of current Tasks, see Queue manager.
X itemsShows number of selected or total items in current Task folder.
Automation Workshop manager status bar

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