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View menu features commands for configuring the toolbars and Task file icon appearance in Automation Workshop manager interface.

View menuDescription
ToolbarsProvides options for enabling or disabling toolbars, locking or unlocking toolbar position and toolbar appearance customization.
LayoutChoose between Full Height Folders and Full Width Log Pane modes. While Full Height Folder mode allows seeing more folders in Task folder tree, Full Width Log Pane provides more space for Task execution details. Lock the Layout option prevents panes from being accidentally resized.
Log PaneAuto Resize Columns option automatically sets the optimum column width for better display of current operations. Clear Messages resets the Log Pane contents and the Task operation data is collected from that moment.
Status BarShow Triggering Status option allows to choose whether Task trigger status will be shown in status bar or not, while Show Item Count shows the number of Task files or folders in current folder.
IconsChoose from Large Icons, Icons, List and Details to determine how the Task files are displayed.
Arange Icons bySpecify the order how Task files are displayed. Task files can be sorted by their name, last execution time, number of successful or failed executions both in ascending and descending order.
RefreshRefresh Automation Workshop window.
Automation Workshop manager View menu

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