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Dialog box examples

Automation Workshop features direct user interaction Actions that can be deployed anywhere within the Task. When executing an Action from Dialog Boxes category, Automation Workshop displays a dialog window and requires user to answer a yes-no question, input a value or specify a folder. Dialog Boxes can have custom title, fixed or automatically generated text as their contents. Dialog boxes are visually emphasized by graphical icons and can be instantly brought to the foreground to grab user attention.


Show message Action displays a message window with custom title and either fixed or automatically generated text as its contents.

Show message example
Example of Show message window


Input dialog Action displays a message window with custom title and text. The user is then required to input some text or data that can be used in other Actions of the same Task.

Input dialog example
Example of Input dialog window

Yes? No! Cancel…

Question dialog Action displays a custom titled window containing fixed or automatically generated text. The user is required to provide a yes-no answer.

Question dialog example
Example of Question dialog window

The Dialog Boxes category is not limited by dialog windows listed above. Dialog boxes Actions can also stop the Task execution, generate data for other Actions within the same Task and provide other useful options when designing Tasks with user interaction feature.

Dialog box Actions


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