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Short lessons and tutorials on how to automate various tasks on your computer or server. The topics covered include watching FTP or SFTP servers for new or modified files, syncing files on an FTP server and Amazon S3 buckets. Some tutorials teach you how to automate local file tasks and email sending · Explore more tutorials

Task preview · Monitor an FTP server

Monitor an FTP server

Tutorial shows how to set up an FTP Watcher to check the FTP server for new and modified PDF documents that come from an e-commerce website server. These are invoices from the website customers that need to be emailed to an accounting department. When new files appear on the FTP server, they are sent as attachments to the preconfigured email address.

Monitor an FTP (or SFTP) for new and changed files

Task preview · Synchronize files with an SFTP

Synchronize files with an SFTP

Tutorial shows how to synchronize invoices from the remote SFTP server, to the local machine, but instead of monitoring the remote site in real-time, we are using Task Scheduler Trigger, to launch the sync process automatically on regular intervals. The tutorial also teaches how to set up email reports that contain information on which files were synced with the SFTP server.

Synchronize files between local folder and SFTP server

Task preview · Sync AWS S3 on 2 accounts

Sync AWS S3 on 2 accounts

If you ever needed to synchronize two or more Amazon S3 buckets, you know that managing permissions on AWS may be a nightmare. This tutorial shows how easy it is to sync two AWS S3 buckets using an intermediate location. There is no need to change even a single permission or access token on S3. At the end, an email with the report to indicate a successful or failed synchronization process.

Sync Amazon AWS S3 bucket between two accounts

Task preview · Monitor a folder & send reports

Monitor a folder & send reports

If your files are located on a local drive or network share, watch for new files using File & Folder Watcher. In this tutorial we are teaching how to watch for multiple file types using file wildcards. This allows us to watch .docx, .doc, and .docm files with a single monitoring expression. When a new file is found, a tutorial shows how to send it by email as an attachment using Variable Wizard.

Monitor a folder and send an email with report files

Task preview · Email a PDF, and move it

Email a PDF, and move it

Similarly, to the tutorial where we send Word documents by email, in this tutorial we are showing a technique where the sent documents are automatically moved to the Sent Reports folder. This comes handy, when you are watching a network share, and to catch-up anything left behind after a short network downtime, by strongly separating files that are already processed, and new files.

Send email with a PDF file and move it to another folder

Task preview · Email an IP address

Email an IP address

When your IP address changes dynamically or you need to email the IP address of a newly provisioned virtual machine, this tutorial is for you. We are looking at the ways in which setting up automatic IP address sending in email is quick and easy. This tutorial sends an IP address daily, but it can be easily adjusted to email only when IP is changed, or on different intervals.

Send email with an automatically detected IP address

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YouTube video · Monitor an FTP server & send file via email

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