Batch run

Run Automation Workshop or its any Task from command line. Batch execution allows to integrate Automation Workshop in the existing infrastructure of 3rd party applications, while preprocessing or post processing data that are then retrieved or passed to other applications.

Features & highlights

  • Execute one or multiple Tasks from command line with an optional parameters.
  • Integrate Automation Workshop with other applications.
  • Run Automation Workshop Task from virtually any 3rd party application.
  • Flexible syntax facilitates effortless Task execution—missing file path details are automatically prefilled, while supports both absolute and relative path.


To run the Task from command line, batch file or any external software, use simple syntax. Task's path is shown in Task propertiesGeneral & Task tabs.

  • C:\Programs\Path\AutomationWorkshop.exe -run "\Backup\do.task"
  • AutomationWorkshop.exe -run "\Tasks\Invoices\prepare.task"
  • AutomationWorkshop -run "\Tasks\Invoices\count"
  • AutomationWorkshop -run "C:\Task Files\Integrity\do backup.task"
"C:\Program Files\Febooti Automation Workshop\
AutomationWorkshop.exe" -run "\Tasks\Prepare invoices.task"

The above syntax can be shortened… simply omit Task's root folder and .task extension.

"C:\Program Files\Febooti Automation Workshop\
AutomationWorkshop.exe" -run "\Prepare invoices"


Optionally, it is possible to pass one or more parameters to the Task. Just enclose each parameter in quotes. Later, to access these values within Task, simply use Variable Wizard Task parameters feature.

  • AutomationWorkshop -run "\Prepare invoices" "Param" … "Param"
  • AutomationWorkshop -run "\Prepare invoices" "*.pdf" "C:\My invoices" "confirm@sales.local"


Automation Workshop includes many more awesome Triggers and numerous Actions to aid you automate any repetitive computer or business task by providing state-of-the-art GUI tools.

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