Task name, location and description

Task properties tab displays task file name that is used to identify the Task in task folders, Automation Workshop and Queue manager, and log files.

Location shows where Task file is located relative to Automation Workshop task folder structure. User is entitled to view Task file description or edit it to save relevant notes into the Task file. It is also possible to enable or disable the Task by using appropriate checkbox.

Normally, the Task properties are first set upon creating Task in Task Wizard task properties.

Task propertiesDescription
Task nameDisplays and allows to change Task name.
LocationDisplays the location of Task file within Automation Workshop task folder structure.
DescriptionDisplays and allows to change task description. Task description is an optional field in which user can input any relevant notes to easier remember Task objectives, structure and specific features.
This Task is enabledSwitch the Task's state from enabled to disabled. Task's state explained.
Task properties
Additional notes:
  • The information provided in the Task tab (such as Task name, location and description) can be retrieved from any Action within the Task by specifying appropriate values in Task properties group from Automation Workshop category in Variable Wizard.
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