Options of User logon / logoff Trigger

In Options tab of the User Logon / Logoff trigger user can enable or disable the Trigger, specify the delay between Trigger activation and Task execution as well as choose how many times the Trigger has to be activated in order to execute the Task.

Options propertiesDescription
Trigger after delay ofSpecify the amount of time the Task will wait after the activation of Trigger before starting to perform its Actions.
Trigger after conditions have been metChoose how many times the criteria described in the configuration of Trigger have to be met before it will start the Task.
This Trigger is enabledEnable or disable the User Logon / Logoff trigger. When disabled the Trigger will not start the Task automatically.
Time unitsTime unitsAllows precise specifying of time periods in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours or days.
User logon / logoff Options properties
Additional notes:
  • Trigger after conditions have been met. When Trigger is set to launch the Task after the conditions have been met for a specified number of times, the number of already counted triggering instances will reset to zero when the Task is disabled and enabled or current user is changed (when different credentials are used for logged in and logged off scenarios).
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