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Thanks for downloading the Demo Task!

It takes just a few clicks now to import and activate the Task.

YouTube video · Importing a Task

How to?

From the Automation Workshop main window choose the Import… option from the File menu.

Automation Workshop File menu, Import…
Import Task…

This will open Import a Task file browser. Now, navigate to the folder, where you have extracted the Demo Task file. Select file, and click Open.

Automation Workshop Task Pane, Demo task
Task imported successfully…

The Task successfully imported! Notice the new Task in Task Pane. Tasks are imported in disabled state, to prevent accidental automatic task execution · Task's state explained

Final touch…

Now it is good time to review the Task—open Task properties, review & adjust necessary Triggers and Actions. Finally, to allow automatic task execution, simply enable the Task.


During the Task import process, a new copy of the Task is created inside Automation Workshop. The Task file in the source location can be safely deleted.

Alternatively, it is possible to automatically import a Task using API. This is particularly useful when your external app or script is directly modifying or adjusting the Task XML file.

To deploy a Task multiple servers simultaneously the Task Push feature comes in handy. There are various Remote Operations available to import, run, enable, disable, or delete Tasks on remote servers that may be located on your LAN or other data centers.

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