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Video · A short tutorial that demonstrates how to use If…Else Actions. It shows an easy way to add conditional constructs to your workflows. The If branch is executed when the condition is true, and the Else branch—when false.

The If Actions allows checking filenames, file content, and other dynamic variables for equity, their contents, as well as numeric values using less than or greater than conditions. Also, there are Regular Expressions for advanced computer users to match text patterns like email addresses or credit cards.

The intuitive interface with Task creation and configuration Wizards will lead you through the Task design process without requiring scripting skills or preliminary training. It is easy to automate anything and anywhere with this no-code automation platform.

Tools used…


Universally available

Advanced job scheduler—Automation Workshop works flawlessly on all modern 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows versions: Windows 10 · Windows 11 · Server 2016 · Server 2019 · Server 2022.

Older Windows versions (such as Windows 8 and Server 2008) are not "officially" supported but should still work remarkably well. The underlying architecture of Windows is evolving and our apps are crafted to be backward and forward compatible.