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Welcome to Task Wizard! It will lead you through the Task creation and configuration procedure in a few easy steps.

Every task consists of one or many of the following components:
  • Triggers · a definition of conditions that, when met, causes an Action;
  • Actions · a set of instructions that specify the exact operations to be performed;
  • Reports · configure e-mail report sending upon successfully finishing or failing the task.

After configuring Triggers, Actions and reports you will be provided with detailed Task description and option to give task a specific name. The last Task Wizard tab provides an option to take a glimpse at Advanced Options or alternatively just finish the Task.


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Video · Monitor an FTP server & send invoice via email

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    Command Line Email v7.0 introduces new TLS commands. Improved console output and debugging experience. More improvements.
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    Automation Workshop v4.1.1 ensures even more compatibility with various Windows Domain and network configurations.
  • April 2, 2020
    Automation Workshop v4.1.0 introduces Action favorites and extended view mode. Many minor UX and performance improvements.
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