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Enable Task API

API · Automation Workshop itself can be automated from the command line API. It allows enabling its Tasks and Triggers from any external app, custom script, or command prompt · Task's state explained

Features & highlights

  • Enable a Task and its Triggers from the command line with very simple command syntax.
  • Activate an Automation Workshop Task from virtually any 3rd party app, script, or database.
  • Automatically enable a Task using API, that allows automating every aspect of Automation Workshop.


To enable a Task using API, use simple syntax:

  • AutomationWorkshop.exe -enable "\Tasks\Orders\Clients.task"
  • AutomationWorkshop.exe -enable "\Tasks\Orders\Clients"
"C:\Program Files\Febooti Automation Workshop\
AutomationWorkshop.exe" -enable "\Tasks\Orders\Clients.task"

Alternatively, use an absolute Task file path:

  • AutomationWorkshop.exe -enable "C:\ProgramData\Febooti Software\Febooti Automation Workshop\Task Files\Orders\Clients.task"


  • The Task's path is shown in the Task PropertiesGeneral & Task tabs.
  • If an error is experienced during the Task enabling, the Event ID 2265 "Unable to process an external API request" will be shown and logged.

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