Options of Unzip files Action

Specify what files to extract from the archive by providing the file mask. Provide the password that will be used to decompress encrypted archives. Decide whether the Unzip Files Action will overwrite existing files upon extraction. If necessary, it is possible to extract all files into specified folder rather than each into the subfolder it was originally located.

Options propertiesDetails
Extract filesFile mask specifies which files will be extracted based on their name and extension. Multiple pipe-separated masks can be simultaneously used. Using path is not allowed.
PasswordProvide password to extract password-protected archives.
Mask passwordWhen enabled, masks the password input. When masked, password input does not support dynamic Variable Wizard values.
Replace existing filesSpecifies the behavior of the Unzip Files Action when a file that is being extracted from the archive has the same name as a file already existing in destination folder. If the option is enabled, the file in archive is extracted over the file in destination folder. If the option is disabled, the file already in destination folder is preserved intact by skipping the extraction of the same named file in archive.
Extract files with folder structureSpecifies whether to preserve original folder structure when extracting the archive or to extract all archive files directly into the specified destination folder (rather than the original subfolders of the destination folder).
This Action is enabledRemove the checkmark to disable Unzip File Action.
Variable WizardVariable WizardUse Variable Wizard for advanced input, such as, take parameter from file, associated Trigger or other Action, etc.
Unzip files Action Options properties
Additional notes:
  • When the Unzip files Action is configured to extract particular files based on any other mask than *.* (all files), only the subfolders that actually contain at least one file matching the mask will be created. Subfolders within archive that do not contain any file matching the specified mask will not be extracted (unless all files mask *.* is used).
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