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Emails are always sent via an SMTP server. The SMTP server is a specially configured server to receive emails from a mail client such as Outlook, and to forward them to the next SMTP server. The server may forward them further over the Internet, to the final recipient, if the current server does not have a corresponding mailbox for the recipient email address.

Command syntax

  • febootimail -SERVER smtp.example.com
  • febootimail -SMTP

The SMTP (or SERVER) argument specifies outgoing mail server address. Both an IP address and a domain name can be used. By default, the febootimail utility uses a localhost, which means that a mail (SMTP) server must operate on the same machine from which the email is sent.

febootimail -SERVER smtp.example.net -FROM ed@example.net -TO john@example.com -TEXT Send e-mail from DOS prompt using outgoing mail server

Specifying the mail server is mandatory, if a mail server is not running on the same machine · SMTP server configuration in email clients · Enable Google App passwords for SMTP

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