CONFIG command

Usually, many email parameters are static. Typically settings like FROM address, character set, SMTP server, user name and password stays the same. In such cases it is possible to create text file that includes all such parameters. Specify configuration file after -CONFIG or -CFG command, thus replacing the entire recurring part of command line.

Command syntax:
  • febootimail -CONFIG "C:\My cmd mail\parameters.txt"
  • febootimail -CFG server.txt -CFG auth.txt -CFG C:\mail-cmd\settings.txt

When creating configuration file, keep in mind some simple tips:

  • Use one command per line. The only exception is -USEFILE parameter which is treated as part of respective command.
  • Excessive spaces and tabs will be trimmed automatically. Use quotes to preserve whitespaces.
  • Message text paragraph formatting requires using multiple text blocks, separated by -CR or -ENTER parameters.
C:\>febootimail -TO -TEXT "Sending cmd mail from command prompt using configuration file. Other params are taken from settings.txt file!" -CONFIG settings.txt

Possible content of settings.txt file, which is used to specify all email message parameters. Take a note on possibility to include reference to another configuration file that provides some more parameters.

# Main configuration file (settings.txt).

# Empty lines and lines starting with a hash symbol are ignored.
# Spaces and tabs are allowed for command indent.

# Use one command per line.
# Syntax: -COMMAND value
#         -COMMAND -USEFILE c:\path to\filename.txt

# Sender...

-FROM (John Sender)

# Email parameters...
-SUBJECT Quick email
-ORG -USEFILE C:\My mail settings\Organization.txt

# Attaching all Excel files from the network share.
# Ignore any possible errors for attachments.

-ATTACH \\server\share\*.xls
-ATTACH \\server\share\summary.doc

# SMTP server settings...
# Settings are taken from another configuration file.
# Configuration files can be nested one into another.

-CONFIG server-and-auth.txt

# Email signature...
-TEXT Sincerely yours,
-TEXT John Sender

# Help on all supported email commands...

Possible content of nested server-and-auth.txt file, which is used to specify SMTP email server, username and password, and authentication method:

# SMTP configuration file (server-and-auth.txt).
# Syntax: -COMMAND value

# SMTP server...

-PORT 25

# Authentication...
-USER john475
-PASS 4f$sKp5%i

# Security...
# If your server supports SSL, uncomment next line.
# -SSL
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