Tips and tricks

A few quick tricks, that will help you to use Command line email to its fullest.

  • Tip 1: it is possible to specify friendly name in the single parameter both for sender (FROM and REPLYTO) and recipient (TO and CC). Multiple friendly name formats are supported. Also, it is possible to use TONAME parameter to specify TO and CC recipient's friendly name.
    Friendly name syntax:
    • febootimail -TO "Firstname Lastname <>"
    • febootimail -TO "Lastname, Firstname <>"
    • febootimail -CC ""Firstname Lastname" <>"
    • febootimail -CC ""Lastname, Firstname" <>"
    • febootimail -FROM " (Lastname, Firstname)"
    • febootimail -REPLYTO " (Lastname, Firstname (Thirdname))"
C:\>febootimail -FROM ""Johnny Mc." <>" -TO "HR department <>" -CC ""John, Doe" <>" -BODY "Sending email with friendly names."
  • Tip 2: double quote marks preserve white space characters. Use quotes around parameters such as Text. Also, to send already preformatted text, use USEFILE or HTMLFILE parameters.
    Text and quotes:
    • febootimail -TEXT Email sent with    some extra    spaces.
    • febootimail -TEXT "Email sent with    some extra    spaces."

    Above syntax results in the following:

    • Email sent with some extra spaces.
    • Email sent with    some extra    spaces.
C:\>febootimail -FROM -TO -TEXT "Example of the mail, which   PRESERVE   white space characters"
  • Tip 3: outgoing mail server (SMTP) can be specified as domain name as well as IP address.
    SMTP command syntax:
    • febootimail -SMTP
    • febootimail -SMTP
C:\>febootimail -FROM -TO -TEXT "How to specify SMTP server address" -SMTP
  • Tip 4: capture all console output by using redirection operators > or >>. Also, to make a log file on basic email sending, use LOG parameter.
    Redirection operators syntax:
    • febootimail *other_commands* > overwrite.txt
    • febootimail *other_commands* >> append.txt
C:\>febootimail -FROM -TO -TEXT How to capture console -SMTP >> output.txt
  • Tip 5: if SMTP server authentication is required, use AUTH, USER and PASS parameters. Usually the AUTH AUTO does the trick.
    Authentication syntax:
    • febootimail -AUTH AUTO -USER john -PASS *****
C:\>febootimail -FROM -TO -TEXT Authenticate and send the email -SMTP -AUTH AUTO -USER john -PASS ********
  • Tip 6: for SSL connections, port 465 is used by default. For regular and TLS connections - port 25.
    PORT command syntax:
    • febootimail -PORT 587
    • febootimail -SSL -PORT 464
C:\>febootimail -FROM -TO -TEXT Using custom port number -SMTP -PORT 587

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