ATTACH command

-ATTACH or -FILE command allows to attach single or multiple files to the email message. With built-in flexibility, any file can be attached from local disk or network share. Both relative and absolute attachment paths are supported.

Command line email utility provides easy way to send email with attachments from Command prompt (cmd.exe). Advanced file mask and wildcard support allows to define attachments in very handy and simple manner. It is possible to attach whole folder or just a single document.

Command syntax:
  • febootimail -ATTACH image.jpg
  • febootimail -ATTACH *.doc -ATTACH Report-2013-??-??.xls
  • febootimail -FILE document.docx -FILE "my reports\sales.xlsx"
  • febootimail -FILE "C:\my files\presentation.pdf"
  • febootimail -FILE "image001.jpg | image002.jpg | image003.jpg"

Multiple attachments can be added to the email, by repeating -ATTACH parameter and file name. Alternatively, file names can be specified separated with pipe symbol (see example above).

It is advised to always use quotes around filenames. If filename contain spaces the quotes are mandatory. However, simple filenames may be specified without quote characters.

C:\>febootimail -SERVER -FROM -TO -ATTACH "c:\My Docs\presentation.ppt" -ATTACH "notes.doc" -TEXT "Sending out the presentation and notes as file attachments"
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