AUTH, USER, PASS commands

Some SMTP servers ask for authentication in order to prevent misuse. By default Febooti Command line email connects to the mail server without authentication. If server requires authentication then -AUTH command must be used. Command line email utility supports most of the authentication methods AUTO, LOGIN, PLAIN, NTLM and CRAM-MD5.

Command syntax:
  • febootimail -AUTH AUTO

AUTH AUTO command enables automatic detection of authentication method, based on SMTP server responses. This is recommended and most suitable method for secure connection. If server supports STARTTLS connection, then encrypted session is established automatically.

Command syntax:
  • febootimail -AUTH LOGIN
  • febootimail -AUTH PLAIN

Both LOGIN and PLAIN authentication methods are used to log in using Base64 encoded passwords. Credentials are sent over encrypted communication channel if used together with SSL parameter.

Command syntax:
  • febootimail -AUTH NTLM

NTLM (NT LAN Manager) is Integrated Windows Authentication method. It is not necessary to provide user name and password since all the necessary credentials are provided by Microsoft Windows single sign-on mechanism. NTLM is recommended method for the Active Directory users and servers.

Command syntax:
  • febootimail -AUTH CRAM-MD5

CRAM-MD5 stands for challenge response authentication mechanism based on HMAC-MD5 MAC algorithm. This method is used on some types of extended SMTP servers without TLS (Transport Layer Security).

Most authorization methods have to be used with -USER or -USERNAME and -PASS or -PASSWORD parameters. Febootimail passes user name and password to the outgoing mail server. The exception is NTLM, which does not require to provide user name and password.

Command syntax:
  • febootimail -AUTH AUTO  -USERNAME ****** -PASSWORD *****
  • febootimail -AUTH PLAIN -USERNAME ****** -PASSWORD ******
  • febootimail -AUTH LOGIN -USER ****** -PASS ******
  • febootimail -AUTH NTLM
  • febootimail -AUTH CRAM-MD5 -USER ***** -PASS *****
C:\>febootimail -SERVER -FROM -TO -TEXT A secure SMTP authentication! -AUTH AUTO -USERNAME jack13z -PASSWORD 34sCh12 -SSL
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