USEFILE command

-USEFILE or -UF is an universal parameter that allows to specify a text file that contains command parameters instead of typing parameters into command line. This command greatly facilitates using febootimail utility. For example, use -TO with -USEFILE parameter instead of providing large list of comma separated email recipients. Also, using -TEXT with -USEFILE parameter allows to send pre-formatted text files preserving spacing, tabs, line feeds etc.

Command syntax:
  • febootimail -TO -USEFILE recipients.txt
  • febootimail -TO -UF to.txt -SUBJ -UF subj.txt -TEXT -UF email.txt

-USEFILE parameter can be used after any command that requires specifying value. In this case, value of variable is taken from the specified file not from command line.

C:\>febootimail -SERVER -UF server.txt -FROM -UF from.txt -TO -UF recipients.txt -SUBJ -USEFILE subj.txt -TEXT -USEFILE message.txt -COMMENT Substitute every parameter with text files

When using batch files, -USEFILE becomes even more powerful feature that allows to use both dynamic and static text files.

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