Options tab of the Pick Item Action allows to choose the list separator.

Separator Choose required separator from a list of options, or a custom separator:
  • Whitespace · space, tab and line break are equally treated as separators.
  • Tab · values are separated by tab.
  • Linebreak · values are separated by line break character (return).
  • , (Comma) · values are separated by comma.
  • ; (Semicolon) · values are separated by semicolon.
  • | (Pipe) · values are separated by pipe.
  • | (Pipe or Line break) · split list with vertical pipe | and new line character.
  • Custom · choose custom single or multi-character separator.
This Action is enabledThe Action is executed only if it is enabled. Otherwise, it will be automatically skipped (completely ignored) from the Task flow.
Use custom display nameRename this Action, to make a human-readable workflow that will help you to find, read, and make sense of the Task structure later.
Advanced fallback optionsManage the advanced fallback options—select which error types will lead to automatic execution of predefined workaround operations.
Log only errorsChoose to skip info and warning messages for this Action. It may be useful to keep the log file small and tidy on production systems.

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