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Import Task API

API · Automation Workshop supports multiple unattended usage scenarios, including the automation of Automation Workshop itself. The Task importing feature is particularly useful when a third-party or your custom app modifies the Task XML file directly, and then pushes the Task into production.

Features & highlights

  • Import (or load) one or multiple Tasks using the command line API.
  • Import an Automation Workshop Task from virtually any 3rd party application, including your custom solutions and databases.
  • Import automated Tasks from batch scripts, PowerShell scripts, or any other scripting environment.
  • Modify an existing Task XML file to adjust its parameters and values. Then import your newly created Task into Automation Workshop.


To import a Task using API, use simple syntax:

  • AutomationWorkshop.exe -import "C:\To Import\Prepare DB.task"
  • AutomationWorkshop.exe -import "C:\To Import\Prepare DB"
"C:\Program Files\Febooti Automation Workshop\
AutomationWorkshop.exe" -import "C:\To Import\Prepare DB.task"

All Tasks are imported (and activated) into the \Tasks\Imported Tasks\ location. This ensures a simple and consistent Task reviewing procedure.

Alternatively (to import and activate a Task in a different folder location), simply copy the Task file in the existing folder structure, and start importing:

  • AutomationWorkshop.exe -import "\Tasks\Production\db.task"
  • AutomationWorkshop.exe -import "\Production\db.task"
  • AutomationWorkshop.exe -import "Production\db.task"
  • AutomationWorkshop.exe -import "Production\db"
  • AutomationWorkshop.exe -import "C:\ProgramData\Febooti Software\Febooti Automation Workshop\Task Files\Production\db.task"



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