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Task finder toolbar allows filtering Tasks by their enable or disabled status and their Triggers.

Enabled Tasks Show enabled Tasks in the task list.
Disabled Tasks Show disabled Tasks in the task list.
Watcher Shows Tasks that contain an enabled File & Folder Watcher trigger that monitors file system for changes.
SFTP Show Tasks containing SFTP Watcher trigger.
FTP Show Tasks containing FTP Watcher trigger.
Amazon S3 Show Tasks containing Amazon S3 Watcher trigger.
WebDAV Show Tasks containing WebDAV Watcher trigger.
Scheduler Shows Tasks with enabled Task Scheduler trigger that automatically runs recurring Tasks.
Logon Shows Tasks that contain an active User Logon & Logoff trigger that is activated when user logs in or out of Windows.
Startup Shows Tasks that contain an active System Startup & Shutdown trigger that is activated either when Windows is started or before it is shut down.
Filter Allows to choose in which columns the Quick filter will search for matches. By default, filter looks in all columns, i.e. Task, Triggers, Actions, Logged in, Logged off, Logging and Location, however, it is possible to easily remove particular columns out of its search range. The Reset filter option enables Quick filter to search in all columns.
Refresh Update the Task list.

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