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Log properties tab allows user to specify the necessary logging options that include setting the necessary logging level and specifying a separate log file for the particular Task with its own logging level.

Display in Log Pane Log Pane by default shows all events of a Task. It is useful to set Show everything options while running newly created Tasks. When a Task is verified and performs flawlessly, user can choose to see less Task events by switching to see only important events or less.
  • Show everything · shows every event of a Task. Useful for debugging while creating automated Tasks.
  • Show important messages · shows information about important Task events. Great for production as it logs only the events that matter.
  • Show only Task errors and warnings · only shows information when Task experiences a warning or error.
  • Show nothing · no event of a Task is shown in a Log Pane.
Log everything The most comprehensive logging level. Logs user interface and System Service event messages, including information on each executed Trigger and Action.
Default logging Errors and warnings are logged for each Trigger and Action, while only Task level information messages are recorded (including general information on Triggers).
Log only Task errors and warnings Only errors and warnings are logged thus helping to track Task malfunctions. Trigger errors are logged as well.
Disable log for this Task No information is logged.
Additionally create separate log file It is also possible to have a separate log file for particular Task or group of Tasks thus facilitating auditing a particular scope of automation events.
Log file Set the location and file name for separate log file.
Log level Choose the logging level for Task specific log file.
BrowseBrowse buttonUse Browse to select a particular file or folder on local disk, network share on LAN (local area network), etc.

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