Set attributes Action

Specify files and folders for automatic change of their attributes. Supported attributes are read-only, archive, hidden, system, compressed, encrypted, not indexed, offline.

File propertiesDetails
FileUse file / folder name, mask or Variable Wizard to specify files / folders whose attributes will be changed to selected pattern upon executing the Action. Read more about specifying file masks and wildcards.
AttributesSpecify attribute pattern that will be applied to files and folders. Specification supports three types of operations with file / folder attributes, namely, setting the attribute, clearing the attribute and ignoring the attribute.
LegendUsed for quick reference when configuring attribute change pattern.
  • Set - sets chosen attribute to all specified files / folders.
  • Clear - removes chosen attribute from all specified files / folders.
  • Do not change - preserves chosen attribute for all specified files / folders.
BrowseBrowseUse Browse to specify particular file or folder on local disk, network share on LAN (local area network), etc.
Variable WizardVariable WizardUse Variable Wizard for advanced input, such as, take parameter from file, associated Trigger or other Action, etc.
Set attributes Action File properties
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