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The IGNORETLSERRORS (or ITE) argument allows ignoring any certificate errors caused when connecting to a secure SMTP server using the SSL or STARTTLS arguments.

Command syntax

  • febootimail -IGNORETLSERRORS -TLS 1.2
  • febootimail -ITE -TLS SSLv3
febootimail -FROM john@example.com -TO mary@example.net -SUBJ Secure email -TEXT Email using the command line. Extremely simple and secure! -SMTP mysmtp.local -SSL -IGNORETLSERRORS

These commands are used to ignore errors for secure SSL and TLS connections that are related to SSL certificates. Self-signed certificates can be added to the Windows Certificate store using MMC snap-in.

Common TLS certificate errors

  • The timestamp of certificate is not valid.
  • Trust for the certificate is revoked.
  • The certificate does not have a valid signature.
  • The certificate is not valid for this usage.
  • The certificate has various constraints.
  • The certificate is explicitly distrusted.
  • The certificate has been signed with MD2 or MD5 hashing algorithms.
  • The root of certificate is not trusted (usually happens with self-signed certs).

It is important to carefully assess all the risks by allowing TLS errors to be ignored in the production environment. Usually it is fine to use self-signed SSL certificates and ignore related TLS errors in secure LAN environments, or when connection to an SMTP server is secured by other means, such as VPN tunnels.

Using this parameter while connecting through the internet, may allow the third party to conduct MITM attacks on your connection.

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