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The SSL command enables TLS or SSL data encryption when connecting to an SMTP server.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are cryptographic protocols that ensure secure data transfer over the Internet. On the contrary to unencrypted data transfer (plain text), the SSL and TLS provide significant security benefits during authentication with mail servers, as well as when sending other email data.

The SSL protocol is considered deprecated but it still works as a backward compatible solution. When you use the SSL command with a modern email provider, the connection is encrypted using the latest TLS protocol. If you need to use a particular version of the TLS protocol, use the TLS command together with the SSL command.

Command syntax

  • febootimail -SSL
  • febootimail -SSL -TLS SSLv3
  • febootimail -SSL -TLS 1.2

The default port for TLS/SSL connection is 465. Some servers provide both encrypted and unencrypted access, and it is possible to choose between a secure or a plain connection.

febootimail -SERVER smtpmail.example.com -FROM ed@example.com -TO jack@example.net -USER eddy -PASS 3kr5d#s5$f8gD05r -MSG Email sent through a secure server -SSL

Usually, the SSL command is used with one of the SMTP server authentication methods using the AUTH, USER, and PASS commands.

Gmail & SSL

Example of sending Gmail email using SSL. View simple instructions on how to enable Google App passwords for SMTP.

See additional instructions, if you are getting the "Allow less secure apps" error message. Simply replace [Your-Email@gmail.com] with a valid Gmail address:

febootimail -SSL -SERVER smtp.gmail.com -SUBJECT Secure email -USER [Your-Email@gmail.com] -PASS i@GMpo7#LJ$d#3ejJn -AUTH PLAIN -FROM [Your-Email@gmail.com] -TO mail@example.com -TEXT This mail is sent via Gmail's server. It is easy and secured with SSL!

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