-IGNOREATTACHERRORS or -IAE parameter allows to ignore any errors caused by inability of emailing software to access files. Attachments are added to the email via ATTACH command.

Command syntax:
  • febootimail -IGNOREATTACHERRORS -ATTACH *.doc
  • febootimail -IAE -ATTACH pic-????.jpg

Consider the following email sending scenario. You are attaching many Word documents to the email (using *.doc), and one file is not accessible. Perhaps some user is editing document right now, thus file is locked. By default, this will cause email sending to fail. However, by allowing to ignore attachment errors (e.g. network share is not available, access denied, sharing violation, etc.) email will be sent even if attaching some of the files are not possible.

C:\>febootimail -SERVER smtp.server.com -FROM john@sender.com -TO leon@recipient.com -TEXT Review all attached Excel summary sheets -IGNOREATTACHERRORS -ATTACH \\server\share\*.xls

Note that in your production environment it is important to carefully consider whether to allow or not to ignore attachment errors. It may be critical to forbid email sending at all, even if only 1 file from 100 is not accessible. In some other situations sending email is more valuable, even if some of the files are not ready.

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