Trigger Manager toolbar allows filtering Triggers by their active or inactive status, and Trigger type. Additionally, compute schedules for the selected date range.

Active Triggers Toggles display of enabled Triggers (both the Task and Trigger should be active).
Inactive Triggers Toggles display of disabled Triggers.
Watcher Shows File & Folder Watcher Triggers.
SFTP Shows SFTP Watcher Triggers.
FTP Shows FTP Watcher Triggers.
Amazon S3 Shows Amazon S3 Watcher Triggers.
WebDAV Shows WebDAV Watcher Triggers.
Scheduler Shows Task Scheduler Triggers.
Logon Shows User Logon & Logoff Triggers.
Startup Shows System Startup & Shutdown Triggers.
Date Compute upcoming execution schedules for the selected date range:
  • None · show only current activation conditions.
  • Next 24 hours
  • Next 7 days
  • Next 30 days
Filter Allows to choose in which columns the Quick filter will search for matches. By default, filter looks in all columns, i.e. the Task and Triggering details, however, it is possible to easily remove particular columns out of its search range. The Clear filter option enables Quick filter to search in all columns.
Refresh Update the Trigger list.

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