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The Connections tab of Remote Manager allows adding, editing, and removing remote server/workstation instances. When added, a mass/bulk operation can be applied to the selected instances · Manage instances

New connection Create a New connection to a remote computer.
Edit connection Manage an existing machine using Edit connection.


A list of all remote servers and workstations that was added to the Remote Manager. Disabled servers are not shown in the main Task Pane and Server Status tab.

Server The name of a server or workstation. The name is shown across the entire app to uniquely identify servers.
Status The state of a server (enabled or disabled).
Address IP address or DNS name of the server.
Port A port number used by the server. The default value is 36524.
Version Version of Automation Workshop on the remote machine. It is recommended to use the same version of a server and client. Also, not every feature may be fully supported if different versions are used.
Edition Automation Workshop edition on the remote machine.
Remote access Allowed access level for the server.
Reconnect The server is automatically connected at startup.
Description A free text description for each of the servers.

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