CC command

-CC parameter specifies, that besides main recipient, an email will be sent to other address specified in CC field. Multiple email addresses must be separated by comma or semicolon. When used with -USEFILE parameter, addresses can be separated with line breaks.

Command syntax:
  • febootimail -TO -CC
  • febootimail -TO -CC -USEFILE email-list.txt

When using carbon copies, all recipients specified in TO and CC fields sees addresses of each other. It is useful to specify direct recipients in TO field so that they know that email is directly addressed to them. Indirect recipients specified in CC field know that this mail is only informative for them (e.g. Manager knows that employee deals with his tasks, and client sees that processes are overseen by the Manager).

C:\>febootimail -SERVER -FROM -TO -CC -TEXT Send dos email using carbon copies

Friendly names can be specified directly in CC field, or applied with TONAME command.

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