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To add files as email attachments use the ATTACH (or FILE) argument.

Attachments: files that are linked to an email message. Some examples are: photos, word processing documents, spreadsheets, zip archives, sound files, videos etc. Some email servers might have trouble handling large files. It is usually best to limit yourself to files of 10-20MB or less (febootimail supports virtually unlimited file size attachments).


An example of sending an email with one attachment:

febootimail -FROM ed@example.net -TO ryan@example.com -ATTACH C:\folder\document.doc -SUBJ Single file attachment -TEXT Sending command line email with a single attachment.

An example of sending email with three files attached:

febootimail -FROM john@example.net -TO ryan@example.com -FILE image.jpg -FILE ..\pictures.gif -FILE c:\files\document.doc -SUBJ Three files attached -TEXT "Sending command line email with three attachments using current, relative, and absolute paths."


In the example above, a localhost is used as an SMTP mail server. Usually, it is required to specify an SMTP server manually using the SMTP argument. Server authentication is performed with the AUTH, USER, and PASS arguments. An example with authentication:

febootimail -FROM john@example.net -TO ryan@example.com -SUBJ Authentication and attachments -TEXT "Using server authentication and sending file" -FILE image043.jpg -SMTP mail.example.com -AUTH AUTO -USER john -PASS a8k3#j6$5f

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