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Event icon · info

This Info Event is part of Start & Stop Service Events.

Event ID · 400002

"Started Service"


The info message Started Service indicates that the selected maintenance operation (such as starting, stopping, restarting, pausing, or resuming) on the service has been completed successfully.

The Start & Stop Service Action will now allow for the execution of subsequent Actions in your workflow. This Event is always preceded with the info message with ID 400000.

Event examples

See some examples of the Started Service Event messages:

  • Task "Always UP" Action "Start & Stop Service" started "MSSQLSERVER Service".
  • Action "Start & Stop Service" detected stop state for "DHCP Client Service".
  • Action "Start & Stop Service" stopped "Windows Update Service".
  • Action restarted "MySQL Service".
  • Action resumed "Apache2 Service".
  • Action paused "Active Directory Service".


The detected stop state message indicates that the selected service has started and immediately stopped. Some services are designed to stop automatically. Please consult your service documentation for more information. If unsure, check the Windows Event Log for the service stopping reason.

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