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Select the message window icon from the list of available types such as Information, Warning, Error, Question or none. Message window icon can increase the visibility of the message and intuitively convey the urgency of the interaction.

The Show the dialog above all other windows option increases message window visibility even more by placing the message window on top of all other windows, directly in front of the user.

Icon Choose message window icon from the following options · preview
  • Information · shows the Information icon.
  • Question · shows the Question icon.
  • Warning · shows the Warning icon.
  • Error · shows the Error icon.
  • None · shows only message text.
Show the dialog above all other windows Places message window on top of all other windows for better visibility.
Layout height Depending on the expected output, choose the most appropriate window layout:
  • Compact · a regular size window.
  • Tallest · a full height window.
Text alignment Choose text alignment within the message window:
  • Left · align text along the left margin of the dialog box.
  • Centered · center text in the middle of message window.
  • Right · align text along the right margin of the dialog box.
This Action is enabledAn Action is executed only if it is enabled. Otherwise, it will be automatically skipped (completely ignored) from the Task flow.
Use custom display nameRename this Action, to make a human-readable workflow that will help you to find, read, and make sense of the Task structure later.
Advanced fallback optionsManage the advanced fallback options—select which error types will lead to automatic execution of predefined workaround operations.
Log only errorsDo not log information and warning messages for this Action. It may be useful to keep the log file small and tidy on production systems.

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