Configure custom file masks that will appear in drop-down menu in Open file dialog window. Properly set file masks can facilitate finding the necessary file. Depending on preceding Trigger and Actions, file mask drop-down menu can also be generated automatically by using Variable Wizard values.

Icon Open file dialog window does not feature icons.
Show the dialog above all other windows Increases the visibility of Open file dialog window by opening it on top of all other windows.
File mask A list of file masks accessible in drop-down menu of Open file dialog window. The format of file mask list is pipe-separated menu entries where each entry consists of entry name displayed to user, for example: JPG images and file mask itself *.jpg:
All files *.* | JPG Images *.jpg | Text files *.txt
Variable WizardVariable Wizard buttonUse Variable Wizard for advanced data input, such as, taking parameter from file, associated Trigger or other Action, etc.
This Action is enabledAction is performed only if checkbox is enabled. Action can be disabled by removing the mark from This Action is enabled checkbox. When disabled, Action will not be executed.
Advanced fallback optionsAllows to manage and handle advanced fallback options by selecting which failures will lead to execution of workaround operations.

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