Solving "relaying access denied" issue

  • Q: When trying to send email, I get "relaying access denied" or similar error message.
  • A: For security reasons many SMTP servers, especially outside internal network, reject all unrecognized connections and display relaying denied message.

Authentication is required with SMTP server. Otherwise, one of the following error messages will be displayed.

Couldn't send message, Server Response:
  • 550 Relaying is prohibited.
  • 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay.
  • 550 Relaying denied.
  • 554 Relay access denied.

Error message may differ among SMTP server software. The solution is to authenticate with mail server, using AUTH parameter.

When SMTP authentication is required, use -AUTH AUTO command for automatic authentication. Also, user name and password has to be provided, using -USER and -PASS parameters.

C:\>febootimail -SERVER -FROM -TO -TEXT Mail server authentication example -AUTH AUTO -USERNAME john -PASSWORD Joh2$8n

Example with Gmail authentication.

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