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Event icon · error

This Error Event is part of Automation Workshop Service Events.

Event ID · 2501

"Could not send notification email"


The error indicates that Automation Workshop has failed to send notification email (i.e., success or error reports). Error message contains error description that allows identifying the particular cause of failure.

Event examples

See some examples of the Could not send notification email Event messages:

  • Could not send notification email: command DATA failed (550 5.7.0 Requested action not taken: too many emails per second).
  • Could not send notification email: could not connect to SMTP server.


Check your email server and email settings options. See popular SMTP server settings on how to determine server settings for outgoing e-mail or test SMTP server connection to troubleshoot typical server connection problems.

Two-Factor Authentication (aka 2FA) must be disabled for the particular email account in most cases, as there is no one that can enter a code or password for unattended tasks.


Common causes of the SMTP error:

  • FROM address not allowed (you must use the same address as for authentication).
  • TO address not permitted.
  • Authentication required to send outside your organization.
  • SSL or TLS encrypted connection required to send emails.

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